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Junoon Workshop - For Corporate Growth - Learn to Use Junoon To Inspire Your Team

What do companies such as Apple, Intel, Google, and Southwest Airlines have in common? Besides their success, you cannot help but notice their passion for excellence. It appears that every employee in the company shares the founders’ vision and passion. How do these companies create such a high performing culture with the single focus on the founders’ mission? How do they keep their teams motivated on projects that may take years to complete? What is it that they do to inspire such loyalty and commitment? Award-winning entrepreneur and author, Razi Imam answers these questions by revealing a unique concept called “Junoon”. Junoon is an ancient expression that refers to a very powerful state of achievement. The one common trait of all these companies is that leaders like Steve Jobs, Andy Grove, and Herb Kelleher remain in this state and know how to transfer their Junoon down through the organization—at every level, without it ever being watered down. Their Junoon spreads virally throughout their organizations resulting in a culture that is passionate and emotionally committed to fulfilling their leaders’ goals. Learn how to change your corporate culture through Junoon! In this highly interactive session, you will learn the five traits of Junoon and how to implement them in YOUR organization starting today: Leader's Pure Inspiration – The miraculous ability to make a “leap of thought”, identify that one mission, a clear vision that will have a dramatic, positive effect on your company. Leader's Sixth Sight –Learn to see the whole path. What needs to get done! How do we do it? What actions do we take? Why is it a priority? Leader's Fanatic Focus – How to drive the entire organization’s focus to achieve the one goal that will have a dramatic positive effect. Leader’s Energy – Tap into an unexplainable energy source that provides you with insurmountable physical, mental and moral energy to reach your ultimate goal. Leader's Social Support – Lead your company, investors, and the whole industry in getting behind your vision. You WILL start a movement! Tap into your Junoon to become a leader that drives your company forward with same magnitude as Steve Jobs, Andy Grove and Herb Kelleher. Get ‘buy-in’ of your entire organization who will support the mission/goal with complete conviction. For more information, please send an email to Razi Imam at razii@DrivenNation.com and download you free workbook.

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Greg Mortenson

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"My Junoon is to help the world in not only recognizing the ill effects caused by illiteracy but also to eradicate it."