Events & News

Event & News Date
TEDx CMU March 4th, 2012
White House Business Forum January 18th, 2012
Innovation & Junoon Presentation at CMU August 1st, 2011
NBC Pittsburgh Interview's Razi Imam on Junoon January 27th, 2011
Junoon Presentation at Columbia University March 5th, 2011
Columbia University MBA Junoon Presentation March 13th, 2010
Q & A Session with Razi Imam on Junoon March 25th, 2010
Carnegie Foundation Award May 7th, 2010
Church World Service and Razi Imam's Junoon to help eradicate hunger June 8th, 2010
Nationwide Release of Driven July 15th, 2010
Carnegie Mellon Fullbright Presentation July 27th, 2010
Driven Book Signing - Barnes & Nobel Settlers Ridge July 28th, 2010, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Driven Presentation to Vistage Group August 18th, 2010
A Shout Out for Razi Imam's Junoon August 30th, 2010
Driven Presentation at Penn State University September 29th, 2010
Junoon workshop with Signature Financial October 29th, 2010
Junoon Workshop - National Society of Black Engineers November 6th, 2010
Junoon Presentation at Hillel Organization November 11th, 2010

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Keith Rosen

Keith Rosen

The Executive Sales Coach

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