This motivation and self help book represents more than 20 years of hunting for a treasure. Not for external riches, but for that treasure we all have within us to reach the unattainable.

I firmly believe that each of us desires to tap into this treasure. Deep down, we want to reshape our world for the better and uplift humanity. We want to solve major problems, help the unfortunate, discover, explore, and search for the truth. We all want to make our impact on the world around us - big or small doesn't really matter. We just want to know we made a difference.

This book introduces you to a new concept related to this quest we all possess. The concept is called Junoon. This is an Arabic/Persian word that defines the hypnotic zeal of extraordinary people such as Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Madam Curie, and others who have influenced and dramatically changed the lives of not just of hundreds, or thousands, but of millions of people.

But Junoon is not limited to these famous achievers. Junoon is the ability of ordinary people like you and me to achieve extraordinary accomplishments. People empowered with Junoon invent technologies that leapfrog humanity to greater heights. They commit their lives to find cures for incurable diseases. They conquer every human limitation, from breaking the sound barrier to climbing Mount Everest.

But there are questions to be answered. What exactly is Junoon? Where does it come from? How does it help people to dream and to reach such incredible achievements? How does it help them achieve their goals? Perhaps most important, how does it keep their motivation at peak levels and enable them to resist the temptation to give up?

You are invited to learn, share and discover your Junoon. Read what people are saying about "Driven".


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Peter Roman

Peter J. Roman

Director of Global Accounts-Eaton Corporation

"It is rare when you find a formula to bridge the business and academic worlds. Razi Imam's Driven; A How-to Strategy to Unlock Your Greatest Potential accomplishes the task. This is a love story. The love of and application of positive obsession. The love of the hunt for and continued pursuit of success. I have known Razi for years, and he is a living example of his work Driven. He is a gifted communicator that will have a life long impact on you."