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Self-Empowerment : Insights and Overviews

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Do you find yourself struggling to complete the goals you want to accomplish?

Are you losing focus, inspiration, and desire to continue?

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Often, life can be quite difficult. And like many, it can even bring us down a couple of steps. To regain our focus, inspiration, and desire to obtain an achievement lifestyle and engineer our luck is what we strive for.

So, in spite of these difficulties, what brings someone back to triumph, succeed, and find their Junoon?

The scope of this post is to examine the principles behind the first two waves of Junoon, what I call pure inspiration and sixth sight.

As I discussed in my previous talk, using the waves of Junoon and engineering your luck can provide self-empowerment. The realization comes when you realize that you hold the key to unlocking your greatest potential.

In my book Driven, I talk about 6 waves of moving through Junoon, and how this would enable you to unlock your potential.

This potential creates the ability to increase self empowerment, and take control of your dreams. With that, let’s discuss the first two waves of Junoon in relation to accomplishing your goals.

First wave: Pure Inspiration

I mentioned in my free guide , pure inspiration bypasses any “aha” moment. This inspiration is driven from your core, and when it ignites, you took ahold of the energy and begin finding you Junoon. A key caveat is that you have to be open, and be listening, in order to receive pure inspiration.

Think of an individual has who has changed the world. Many of them had it within themselves the mission they must do, without completely understanding why. This pure inspiration can be found in all walks of life, but many of us can miss it because we aren’t listening.

Second wave: sixth sight

The second wave is sixth sight, which coveys your entire plan. Many times we’re stuck on a problem, or faced with a dilemma that we cannot surpass. Often as we move through the first wave, our pure inspiration helps carry into seeing the entire plan. With the sight of the plan, we begin to deconstruct our mission and give it its much needed legs (the practical plan). Additionally, we write, read, and talk about our mission with so much focus that our vision starts too crystalized (which occurs as we move into the next wave).

Think of a time when you were in a state of Junoon, and with it came a sense of security and purpose. Your mission, which was drawn from pure inspiration, took ahold of you, and its vision crystalized.  When you’re in a state of Junoon, sixth sight is not only a welcomed friend but a much needed element in accomplishing your dream.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can find your own state of Junoon, you can download a free chapter of the Driven Book here , or download a free workbook here.


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