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Engineering Luck & Achievement in Life

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Are you a person who is worried with their level of achievement in life?

Are you looking for ways to “engineer” and “hack” luck, so that you may unlock your greatest potential?


Sometimes, especially on off days, we look around at all the “lucky” people in the world- those who seemingly have it all and have achievement in life.

But what’s going on?. What are these “lucky” people doing to give themselves a head start?

In all the research that went into the Driven Book, and through many personal experiences, I’ve seen, and been able to assist, people “engineer luck”.

In my recent TEDxCMU talk , I told a story of a young man named Michael.

Like many, Michael was graduating soon and was about to enter a very competitive market. Despite submitting his resume over and over again, he seemed to have hit a rut…

No one was responding to his emails.

While most would complain about their “lack of luck”, Michael approached me and asked if I could help him achieve his dream job.

Of course, I was happy to assist, but ultimately, I wasn’t sure if I could get him his dream job. But what I could do was help Michael position himself in a way that made him attractive to the job market. Once there, I would leave it up to Michael’s Junoon to bring about the last needed element of serendipity.

Thankfully, through Michael’s focus in bringing his best foot forward, and our relentless examination of opportunities, we were able to achieve a state of Junoon that pushed Michael into a space where he was able to excel.

If you want the details of the story, you can watch my TEDx video here:

The point of the story really drives home the concept that you CAN Engineer your own luck

Through both personal experiences and countless case studies, luck is something that doesn’t have to elusive or for “other people”

You have the power to create a life you always wanted to lead.

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