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Achievement In Life : 4 Examples of Junoon

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Do you sit in awe of the great achievers, trying to learn what they did right?

Are you waiting for the perfect time to launch into your goals?

Are you ready to take the jump and find Achievement in Life?

Are you ready to take the jump and find Achievement in Life?

I’ve had the privilege of interviewing fellow Achievement Lifestyle enthusiasts about how they create and obtain goals. Achievement in life is something many strive for, but we fail to make the crucial connection that will leads us to the next step. I want to explore this concept through the collective wisdom of the people.

Awareness: Don’t let your PIG and APE stop you from achieving your goals

This interview, with Krishna Pendyala, focused on being aware that your PIG (Pursuing Instant Gratification) and your APE (Avoiding Painful Experiences). The key is to remain aware that these forces are in your life, and resist the temptation for them to direct you or your goals.

Junoon takeaway: Getting into Fanatic Focus This wave transcends ordinary concentration. You could say that you are bewitched by it. You live in it and through it, and absolutely nothing distracts you from it. Don’t let your PIG or APE stop you from achieving your focus.

Building: Deconstructing Your Passion

Danielle built Tupelo Honey Tea from the ground up. She also was able to raise a family while building the business! What Danielle tapped into was “metaphysical energy”.  One way she was able to achieve such a level of energy was to first deconstruct what she wanted to start. Her formula was Find something you love + you’re good at + contribution = Time to launch.

Junoon Takeaway: Metaphysical energy, a phase that engenders energy in you beyond your wildest imagination. You’re up and running at the crack of dawn, and you don’t fall asleep until the early hours of the morning.

Growing: Build a community that carries you higher

When Raheel went on his amazing quest to lose weight (he ended up losing over 150 lbs), he had trouble finding the motivation to keep going. The quest was long, the hours were intense, and his energy was running low. Luckily, Raheel was able to focus and grow a social environment that was able to motivate him to keep going. Sometimes the road will be long, hard, and even lonely, but when we have a positive community behind us, the journey not only becomes about your goal but also an exploration into the power of your community.

Junoon Takeaway: sixth sight. This wave takes you deeper into Junoon; and no, it is not what you call “visualization” in which you see only an end result. Sixth Sight conveys your entire plan; you feel the textures, smell the smells, and taste the tastes related to your goal. You see what you need to do, how you need to do it, and why you need to do it.

Research: Study and learn what the world wants and needs

Dave Nelsen knows social media.  A social media pioneer, Dave founded TalkShoe, a podcasting platform. But what makes Dave successful is his ability to identify the needs of a community. He develops a strategy, knows how to focus, and execute in a way the delivers value to its members.

Junoon Takeaway: Social Junoon. It moves out of from you like a web of attraction as you communicate your vision to likeminded people who can’t help falling in love with it. Before this, Junoon centered within you as an individual; now it moves through you and beyond you to carry your inspiration to engage others’ hearts and minds.

Take a moment and reflect on one of the perspectives above. What’s stopping you from finding your achievement lifestyle?

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