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The Secret of Happiness by Krishna Pendyala

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

The Secret of Happiness

“We become too attached with our titles, but that’s not who we are”

Krishna Pendyala



As we move through our days, we often are focused on the monumental amount of “things” or “stuff” that just needs to get done. Half the time, we focus on productive, meaningful goals, while other times it seems we are simply spinning our wheels in the mud. For the latter, we are “in a rut”. This metaphorical rut moves into our emotional lives, until we hit an emotional rut. At this point, we have decisively concluded that we “are not happy”. But where does our notion of happiness come from? How does this setback affect our personal identity? And how does this emotional rut affect our Junoon?

For such extraordinary questions, I decided to reach out to my friend Krishna Pendyala, who recently wrote an outstanding book titled, Beyond the Pig and The Ape, which looks at notions of happiness and reconstructs them in a simple and direct manner. I invited him to my Achievement Lifestyle podcast so that we could further explore his concept of fulfillment, and happiness.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the topics we covered,

  • How to observe our ego, and breakdown our impulse towards Pursuing Instant Gratification (PIG) and our desire to Avoid Painful Experiences (APE)
  • How to view common definitions of happiness, and how to reframe the meaning of happiness so that it is fulfilling to you
  • The difference between thinking and knowing, and how to achieve a state of clarity and calmness while pursuing the position of the Knower
  • How to construct a personal framework that helps you balance and observe your ego while pursuing your greatest Junoon.

To listen to the full interview, please click here

To learn more about Krishna Pendyala and his new book, “Beyond the Pig and the Ape”, please click here:

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