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How to build your movement using social media

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011
Building a movement using social media

Building a movement using social media

We’ve seen it all over the headlines and have watched in amazement as thousands of people have stood up for their rights and desires as citizens: the Arab Spring. It’s a reminder to never underestimate the power of a small group of passionate people. We all possess within us the power to change the world and with the current social media tool climate, mobilizing groups of people for a cause is all the easier.

This conversation contains ACTIONABLE STEPS IN SOCIAL MEDIA from my friend Dave Nelsen, the founder of the social media podcast tool, Talkshoe. As we were talking about the social and political change in Egypt, Nelsen provided the audience with how to build you’re own passionate community through social media.

The conversation covered many things, including the four questions anyone has to ask when trying to create an online movement:

1. Who is my target audience? Describe this as narrowly as you can and try to understand your audience demographically.

2. What are my objectives?

3. How can I create value for my audience independent of the bottom line overt goal that I have? Creating value for the audience may not yield fruit for your objective right away, but cultivating an audience who values your content will benefit you over time.

4. What’s the best platform?  Before implementing your created value, you have to understand your demographic and where they seek information online.

Other areas we covered included:

  • How Dave Nelsen began his process of building TalkShoe over 8 years ago
  • The concept of exponential growth, and how its principles will affect your ability to focus a community
  • Examples of people who’ve successful launched their social media campaign, and how it can be used to launch yours
  • The “Cocktail party” method, which determines the value of your content

Who is this podcast for?

Anyone looking to help change the world by tapping their inner Junoon and building a passionate community

Who is the podcast is not for?

Anyone who believes the status quo is the best we can do, and the best you can do.

You can listen to the interview here.

For more information on Dave Nelsen, please visit

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Here is a good news segment explaining how social media help create the social movement in Egypt.

News segment explaining how social media helped create a movement

News segment explaining how social media helped create a movement

Are You an Achievement Lifestyle Person?

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

What is an Achievement Lifestyle?

It is a lifestyle followed by a select group of individuals who go against the commonly held belief that a solution to a known and accepted limitation is impossible. These individuals range from being everyday housewives/husbands, blue-collar workers to doctors, scientists, engineers, astronauts, and entrepreneurs.

When most of us would see challenges, problems and barriers. They see opportunities, solutions and successes. They see life from a different lens.  I highlight the fact that they are a select group of individuals because so many of us go through life focused on our day-to-day struggles. These individuals face the same or even harsher struggles yet some thing in their mind forces them to pick up a known barrier and overcome it.

Two such individuals who live an Achievement Lifestyle are Anousheh Ansari and Amir Ansari. I do not know them personally only from what is available on the web. They helped break a known exploration limit by donating $10M towards a competition to develop a non-government funded reusable manned spacecraft. Currently NASA spends well over several billion dollars in sending the space shuttle. They wanted the private enterprise to do it for 1/100 the cost. In 2004 the coveted prize was won by Tier One project with two flights into the edge of space. This accomplishment forever changed the accepted limitation that space exploration and travel belonged to government agencies with unlimited budgets.

X Prize - Breaking the Myth

X Prize - Breaking the Myth

Achievement Lifestyle individuals have unique thought processes. They have an inner energy that drives them to push the known limits. It could be a scientific, economic, or a social problem such freedom of an oppressed society from tyranny, violence and abusive human rights. And when all hope is lost, Achievement Lifestyle leaders such as Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela rise up and go against the known limits of their society and liberate their citizens.

You also see regular Achievement Lifestyle individuals in your daily life, they are your average John Smith and Jane Doe going through life with a clear mission and intense focus to solve a serious problem and when they come into your life you cannot help but join their movement.

So how do you become an Achievement Lifestyle individual?

You become an Achievement Lifestyle individual when you access your “Junoon”. Junoon is force we all have that gets us into a state of positive obsession to break a perceived or real, personal or social limitation. This limitation could be as simple as trying to get your dream job, buy your first house, build your company, invent a new machine, discover a cure or as large as attempting to eradicate world hunger.  It does not matter, the state of Junoon helps you break all barriers.

Achievement Lifestyle individuals when in a state of Junoon experience a moment of pure inspiration. It is as if the universe speaks to them and unleashes a super human sense of clarity of what needs to be achieved to break the known limits. They see what they need to do, how they need to do it, and why they need to do it. An extreme focus spawns over them and it appears that they begin to warp situations and coincidences that help them achieve the goal. They start to operate with incredible physical stamina, mental energy and acute will power to never give up. Their state of Junoon attracts like-minded people and before they know it their goal to break the known limit starts a movement where initially 100s and eventually 1000s of people support them. This is the state of Junoon and all Achievement Lifestyle individuals naturally know how to access it.

Visit my site for more information on Achievement Lifestyle and how to access the state of Junoon.

Remarkable Raheel – A true story of reinventing yourself

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

I am always searching for examples of ordinary people achieving extraordinary results as proof that each and every one of us can control our lives and destinies. Today’s post is about Raheel – a 28 year old who struggled with being over-weight and bordering on obesity his entire life. He was over 350 pounds the last time I saw him in fall of 2010. And then a month ago I saw a picture of young man, lean, physically fit with his name as the caption. I first ignored the picture thinking he posted his name on someone else’s picture. Than I noticed the obvious similarities of his face and could not believe my eyes and had to call him. He validated my surprise, he had lost over 150 pounds in one year and looked and felt great.

“Losing weight is 95% an emotional issue,” confessed Raheel, who had become sick of the ridicule and depression that came along with his obesity.

Raheel before and after, lost 150 pounds in one year

Raheel before and after, lost 150 pounds in one year

So how was Raheel able to channel his inner Junoon, and transform himself in just one year? Here’s a recording of our conversation which covered:

  • What happened to inspire Raheel to take charge of his weight and life
  • The importance of building a community, which helped him channel self doubt into a powerful source of Junoon
  • How to use your community to stay accountable while pursuing your goal
  • How to take negative energy and redirect it towards achieving your goal. Raheel had a TON of energy, but it was all focused on being negative.
  • How to identify others who have high levels of achievement, and how to use their progress as a source of inspiration

Raheel was also interviewed by WBAL NBC in Baltimore about his amazing accomplishment.

Raheel's interview on NBC

Raheel's interview on NBC

Please leave your comments for Raheel, encouraging him and recognizing his commitment for living an achievement lifestyle.


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