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Great Leaders use Junoon to Build Great Companies

Sunday, May 15th, 2011
Great Leaders Build Great Companies

Great Leaders Build Great Companies

According to several business bureau statistics and common social understanding, 50% of businesses fail within the first two years of starting and the next 20% fail within the next two years. The rate of success for an entrepreneur, a new business idea, a new product, or a new service is dismally low. So, how to do these iconic companies like Apple, Google, and Intel become so successful? How do entrepreneurs like Larry Page, Steven Jobs, and others build such great companies? What do these companies have in common?  Besides their success, you cannot help but notice their passion for excellence. It appears that every employee in the company shares the founders’ vision and passion. How do these companies create such a high performing culture with the single focus on the founders’ mission? How do they keep their teams motivated on projects that may take years to complete? What is it that they do to inspire such loyalty and commitment?

There are several reasons why a company becomes successful, they may have a breakthrough product like Apple and Google, or high performance service like Southwest Airlines, or brilliant people and operational execution like Intel and/or in some cases being at the right place at the right time. Clearly these are factors, however the one undeniable trait in all of them is that they are managed by leaders who inadvertently drive their vision using the principles of Junoon.

Junoon is an ancient expression that refers to a very powerful state of achievement. They remain in this state and know how to transfer their Junoon down through the organization—at every level, without it ever being watered down.  Their Junoon spreads virally throughout their organizations resulting in a culture that is passionate and emotionally committed to fulfilling their leaders’ goals.

They practice the five components of Junoon:

  1. Pure Inspiration – Their miraculous ability to make a “leap of thought”, identify that one mission, a clear vision that will have a dramatic, positive effect on their company.
  2. Sixth Sight –They see the whole path. What needs to get done! How to do it? What actions need to be taken? And why is it a priority?
  3. Fanatic Focus – They drive the entire organization’s focus to achieve the one goal that will have a dramatic positive effect.
  4. Metaphysical Energy –  They tap into an energy source that provides them with insurmountable physical, mental and moral energy to reach their ultimate goal.
  5. Social Junoon –  They start a movement by getting their employees, investors, and the whole industry buy into their vision.

So, tap into your Junoon and build a great company, and do not be another statistic.

Achievement Lifestyle = Junoon?

Saturday, May 7th, 2011
Achievement Lifestyle

Achievement Lifestyle

One of the questions I get asked most often since I wrote my book Driven is the definition of Junoon. My answer usually takes a little time to explain and I struggled with communicating its true relevance in your life without going into a lot of detail. I think I finally have the answer: Junoon helps you adopt a lifestyle of achievement. That’s it. When you apply the principles and concepts of Junoon, you end up living a life that is full of achievements – big and small.

Having an achievement lifestyle means you always have clear goals whether they be individual such as losing weight or getting a promotion or collective such as changing your community or the world for that matter.  And you have the strategy to achieve them. It brings focus to your activities and results that are clearly measurable. And it is a continuous and on-going way of life – not a phase in your life.

Once you adopt the achievement lifestyle, wishes become goals and targets. And you have an ever growing sense of confidence and well-being as you keep moving forward and executing towards your goals. And this progress and success happens simply because you are now focused.

So, here’s to each one of us building a lifestyle of achievement.


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