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Greg Mortenson’s Fall Factor

Sunday, April 24th, 2011
K2 - Greg Mortenson's mountain that started his fight against illiteracy

K2 - Greg Mortenson's mountain that started his fight against illiteracy

Fall Factor is a climbing terminology that is used to describe the stress applied to the system (especially and specifically to the rope). A fall factor is equal to the length of the fall divided by the length of the rope paid out. I use this term to describe Greg’s current predicament as he is a climber and it somewhat represents his current situation.

Based on the reports I have reviewed, watched and read, it appears that some of the information in Greg Mortenson’s book may be an exaggeration.

So, why did he exaggerate? Was it because he was concerned about book sales and feared that a lack of success would stop him from building schools?   Or did he feel that readers would relate more to the story if there was drama and excitement?  It is a human trait to support the underdog, and he may have felt that such stories would create a larger pool of supporters. In the end, his motivation was and still is to eradicate illiteracy, bring peace to the region, and move that society to recognize the value of educating women. In any other part of the world, the end would justify the means. But in America, we do not forgive inaccuracies in reporting. We will forgive corporate fraud, marital affairs, oil leaks and price collusion, but not inaccuracies in reporting a story that may help raise money to eradicate illiteracy. Our society has been programmed to focus on small and insignificant issues and forgive the true game changing, economy collapsing, wealth depleting events. We want to prosecute Greg Mortenson because he exaggerated his experience of a one week stay in a remote village of Pakistan and forget that Wall Street pirates siphoned billions of dollars from our economy.

He may be guilty of mismanaging his non-profit finances and using over 50% in promoting his book. But his argument stands that the more his book sells, the more funding his charity recieves. Let’s put this in perspective too. This one man has created more schools and awareness in that region than the entire wealth and power of all the Muslim nations combined. He has helped the western world understand that it is not guns and bombs that will heal that part of the world but education, books, pencils, and crayons.

So, my fellow Americans, let’s focus on creating jobs, innovation, invention, cures and economic recovery of our country. Let’s not tear down a person who is doing his best to change a volatile region from being violent and uneducated to a place that is fair to its citizens.

Advise to Greg, recognize your fall factor and get your back to climbing the mountain of eradicating illiteracy.


Author of “Driven – A How-to Strategy For Unlocking Your Greatest Potential.”

Quantum Particles, Synchronicity and Junoon

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Quantum Particles and Coincidences

Quantum Particles and Coincidences

According to Jung, the phenomenon of synchronicity is characterized by a significant coincidence that appears between a mental state and an event occurring in the external world. Jung also noted that synchronicity tends to happen more frequently in times of intense intellectual, spiritual and emotional states. In my opinion, he is talking about the state of Junoon.

We’ve all have experienced such coincidences in our lives. A synchronicity occurs when through happenstance, we find ourselves with the exact person who may be able to help us. Or when we think of a person and suddenly run into him or her at a busy airport. How many times have we all experienced a chance meeting on a train, at a coffee shop, in a plane, or at a bus stop, with an individual who is the exact person you have been wanting to meet?

You may have also noticed that such coincidences happen to certain individuals more often than others. We usually refer to these coincidences as lucky, bizarre, and funny. Science is now attempting to explain this phenomenon. The answer lies in the world of Quantum Physics and now a growing theory of Quantum Entanglements. According to this theory, two discrete quantum particles at great distances can be connected in a special way that makes them effectively two parts of the same entity. This is a faster-than-light link and is a fundamental aspect of quantum science. Plus you can put any distance between these particles and they still remain connected to the entity. Imagine your goal is this entity and opportunities, people, events are quantum entanglements that are connected to your goal.

So how does this quantum theory explain the possibility of chance meetings and other lucky breaks one gets when in a state of Junoon? According to a recent study conducted by Dr. Francois Martin, of the Laboratoire de Physique, Dr. Fedrico Carminati a physicist at CERN Geneva, and Dr. Giuliana Galli from the Mental Health Development Psychiatry Unit, the experience of synchronicity as we have defined above is also seen in realm of quantum science.

Moreover, they say, “one can possibly see synchronistic events between the mental and the material domains as a consequence of a quantum entanglement between mind and matter” It appears that the synchronicity we all experience can best be explained when we treat our conscious and unconscious mental states as two quantum states. These quantum states create mental fields that emit pulses. These pulses are the direct effect of neurons firing at the conscious and unconscious levels.

When you are in a state of Junoon to achieve your goal, your mind is constantly firing neurons that have complete information about your goal. Multiple pulses are created and emitted. And according to the quantum entanglement theory, discrete, quantum particles can be connected at great distances. This means that the possibility exists that the pulse created by the neuron firing in your brain may also connect with another neuronal pulse firing in another person’s brain both exchanging information about the goal. These two pulses interact with each other and your goal is the main link between them. It has been proven that these connections exist. Many times a single scientific discovery happens simultaneously across great distances, in two labs who never exchanged information physically, yet the timing of the discovery is precisely in sync. This is an example of how two individuals or teams in a state of Junoon end up connecting on the same goal while no real interactions have occurred between them.

Thus, to increase the possibility of synchronicities occurring to help you achieve your goal, you need to be in a state of Junoon where you are consciously and unconsciously firing neurons with the information about your goal. The state of Junoon forces you to constantly think about your goal, and as you remain in this state you are constantly sending out quantum ripples, which interact with people for whom the same goal is equally important. Both you and these other individuals for whom this goal is important start putting events in motion that eventually lead you to connect through happen chance. For more information please visit Junoon Resources page or download the Junoon Workbook.


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