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Meaningful Coincidences

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

In 1920 Dr. Carl Jung came up with a fascinating concept called Synchronicity. He coined the word to explain his theory of “Meaningful Coincidences”.

I am sure we all have had such coincidences in our lives, when we find ourselves

Creating Gravity to Attract Opportunties

Creating Gravity to Attract Opportunties

through happen chance with the exact person who may be able to help us. Or when we think of a person and suddenly run into him or her at a busy airport. How many time we all have experienced chance meetings in a train, at a coffee shop, in the plane, at a bus stop, with an individual who is the exact person that would help us achieve our objective.

I think science is not yet evolved to answer why this phenomena occurs, in my opinion it a quantum connection that we currently do not understand. However chance meetings like these are invaluable when you are headed towards a goal.

You may have also noticed that such coincidences happen to certain individuals more often than the rest of your friends. We usually deem them as lucky, bizarre, and funny.

In my research on Junoon, I saw a clear correlation between people who were in a state of Junoon and the quantity of synchronicities they experienced. It was as if they being in a state of Junoon warped the universe around them resulting in attracting people, events and opportunities that may not have ordinarily come their way. Each day they come in with a new story of how they met someone, or were standing in a line and an event occurred that was directly related to their goal.

So why does this happen? What is it that people do in a state of Junoon that leads to such synchronicites.

The answer lies in the behavior of people who are in the state of Junoon. It appears that people who are in a state of Junoon tend to act a certain way more often than the others. They affect their immediate universe with their actions, and start a domino effect. One set of actions lead to several other actions and the only constant in this process is the person who is in the state of Junoon.

People who are in the state of Junoon follow three distinctive principles.

1. In their daily life they will perform Random Acts of Kindness. This could be as simple as adding a quarter in a meter of another car when you spot their time has expired.

2. When interacting with people who are doing regular work such as a waitress in a restaurant, they will exhibit Random Acts of Appreciation. This would usually be a smile and a genuine interest in their well being.

3. And finally while they are known for their Random Acts of Support. This is as simple as helping complete strangers with their time, guidance, and connections.

These three behavior patterns effect their universe with such incredible strength that it ends up creating a gravity sink. Opportunities naturally move towards them. I am not talking about big opportunities, it could be as simple as always finding the best parking spot, or getting the best table at a restaurant. This individuals move through life as if protected and spoiled by guardian angels.

I think when they are constantly acting this way, they are attracting people who want to help them, their aura is positive and inviting, strangers who would not necessary speak would be compelled to have a conversation with them. And when this occurs their other elements of the state of Junoon take over and open up opportunities.

I have developed several exercises to help people get into a state of Junoon and how to attract such opportunities. Please feel free to contact or post your thoughts. Go find your Junoon!


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