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How to get into the State of Junoon

Saturday, July 24th, 2010
Junoon - Your Mysterious Force

Junoon - Your Mysterious Force

Dear readers,

Since July 13th when “Driven” officially became available on Amazon, I have had a barrage of questions as to how does one get into a State of Junoon. For those who have not read the book, Junoon is a mysterious force, an inner-energy that gets you into a state of hypnotic obsession to achieve your goal.

For those who have read the book, getting into a state of Junoon requires you to follow 5 unique exercises that I have developed. I have practiced these exercises on myself to help me get into this state and they work for me every single time. I have now started helping individuals, corporations and groups in getting into this state through a series of coaching session that I conduct in person.

Exercise 1. Identification of a Goal. This is a very important exercise, so many of us simply do not recognize the goal for which a Junoon can be developed. We go through life making goals, and wonder why we end up achieving some of them while completely ignoring others. The key is if you know of a goal that, if achieved, will have a dramatic effect on your life then you must get into a state of Junoon. This exercise teaches you to recognize such a goal among all your other goals.

Exercise 2. Development of a Cartesian Plan. This is unlike any plan you may have made to achieve your goal. A Cartesian plan is based on developing the three major coordinates that will guide you in reaching your destination. Once the coordinates are identified then a path is charted to achieve your goal. A Cartesian Plan becomes one of the main reasons for you to remain in the state of Junoon.

Exercise 3. Recognizing Synchronicities. When you are in a state of Junoon it appears that your attract opportunities to achieve your goal. You become a magnet, it is like you have this immense gravity and you pull events, warp situations and attract people who would help you achieve your goal. This exercise teaches you as to how to have this gravity and it’s application.

Exercise 4. Using the Energy of Junoon. The state of Junoon has an interesting property, and that is to generate energy to help you through your journey. In this exercise you learn to tap into this energy and how to apply it to keep you physically, mentally and morally committed to your goal.

Exercise 5. Getting Your Junoon to Become Viral. This exercise is to help you share your Junoon and let it become viral. Once you have the power of the crowd behind you the outcome is unstoppable.

If you are interested in learning more, please send me an email at I will try my best to help you.

Masterful summary of “Driven” by Jill Konrath

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010
Jill Konrath Sales Expert

Jill Konrath Sales Expert

Jill Konrath, my friend and renowned sales expert and author of multiple best-selling sales books was kind enough to talk about my book Driven on her blog today. She said something that made me pick up the pen today: “But I didn’t realize that I could actively encourage more Junoons in my life.

This is the whole essence of my book. The world today is a better place because a handful of people over the centuries discovered and tapped into their Junoons and influenced all our lives positively.

Can you imagine if the number of people achieving these extra ordinary results grew to thousands and tens of thousands because we now knowingly recognize and empower our Junoons?

Would I be mad if I were to say that hunger, war, racism, poverty could all be eradicated from the world if all those amongst us who want to do something about these things were actually able to do it? If we were able to change these from ‘wishful thinking’ to active Junoons, would you agree that each one of us could change their piece of the world for the better?

I think you would. So, what is your Junoon?

My friends are great

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Today, to support the launch of my book, my author friends posted some excellent blog entries. Please visit their sites.

Rick Faulk CEO Landslide Technologies –

Keith Rosen – Executive Sales Coach –

Keith Rosen – Executive Sales Coach –

Dave Kurlan – Best Selling Author and Coach –

Keith Ferrazzi – Best Selling Author of Never Eat Alone –

Thank you guys!

It took me 12 years!

Monday, July 12th, 2010

July 12th, 6.58pm. the day before the official publication of “Driven”. Tomorrow all bookstores in United States will be able to carry my book. This has been a Junoon that has stayed with me for over 12 years. When I started this project we were using cassette tapes to record my thoughts. We did not have high speed internet. No facebook, twitter or iphone. Alta Vista was the search engine of choice. I had more hair and majority of it was black.

Even though it has taken me such a long time to write this book and it is only 199 pages long. The completion of this book is a testament to the main concept of the book. If I had not been in the state of Junoon, life would have come in the way. And it did. However, the state of Junoon finds a way to keep you on task.

I hope you enjoy the book and experience this mysterious force.



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