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Lance Armstrong: A Cautionary Tale of When Junoon Goes Bad

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Have you seen driven individuals fall at their own ambitions?

Do you wonder how your own Junoon can be both good and bad?


As many recently witnessed, superstar athlete Lance Armstrong recently admitted to taking illegal drugs to enhance performance (source).  What was once hailed as successful, driven and focused individual has now turned into a story of what can happen if we go down the road of “by any means necessary”.

While Armstrong had the elements of all the stages of Junoon (most notable the last one, Social Junoon, and his work with Livestrong), his endearing commitment to success has come at a tragic cost.

While Junoon propels individuals to fulfill their greatest potential, it can also derail, and cause us to lose sight of what being an example and leader can be. We must remember that as we move through the stages of Junoon, our path will be viewed as either an example of success or a cautionary tale for those who follow. Remember that regardless of what you decide to pursue, do so in a way that doesn’t jeopardize your values, your character, and those who are closest to you.

As we continue through 2013, reflect on your own mission, and what kind of trail you’re creating.  Tapping into your Junoon is a wonderful experience, one which will help you make a monumental impact on the world. But as you do so, remember to reflect on your actions and legacy.

To Finding Your Junoon-


When Tragedy Strikes, What do we Become? Reflections on Sandy Hook

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Last week, tragedy struck this great nation when innocent children and adults were gunned down at an elementary school in Connecticut.  Among all the chaos, a nation paused and mourned the tragic loss of 28 people – whose lives will be ingrained in the fabric of our society for a long time to come.


Remembering Sandy Hook

Amongst great tragedies, there is often no words that can fully console those had experienced great loss- their life now is about remembering, rebuilding, and regaining the courage to have hope in the world. It is my sincere wish that, as a country, we can come together to provide the strength, support, and relief to assist in the rebuilding of a community.  Whether it is lending an ear, arm, or an open heart, our nation is once again asked to support one another.  Together we can learn to support a society that continues to move towards peace.

With the great loss of these 28 people comes a reflection on the year, on all the obstacles that were presented, and how we dealt them. I’m reminded of Google’s Zeitgeist project (link), which highlights the biggest events from around the world in 2012. It’s a beautiful video of all that we’ve been able to overcome and as a result, come together. It’s a reminder of the human spirit, for as sudden as it can go away, can overcome so much pain.

For those who experienced loss and are grieving- I wish you all the strength, guidance, and support.

Remembering Zig Ziglar: One man’s life and legacy

Friday, November 30th, 2012

In a time of great political, economic, and even spiritual unrest, those who were able to shed a light on these complex times are ones that must be remembered.  One such man was Zig Ziglar, the famed motivational speaker and sales expert.


Ziglar’s life, like many of the great people mention on this site, was sprinkled with accounts of diversity, hardship, success, and beauty.  Growing up in the deep South, Zig lost his father at the age five, and left his mother to raise 12 children. Out of the tragic loss was born a sense of admiration for self-reliance and hard work. Zig countless books, programs, speaking engagements, and audio programs are a testament to how disciplined he was.

To help remember Zig’s impact on the world, below are some of his best quotes. If one speaks to you, simply write it down, memorize it, or share it with a friend of family member.

““When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there.”

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”

“Failure is an event not a person”

“Attitude, not Aptitude, determines Altitude.”

“There are no traffic jams on the extra mile.”

“When you are tough on yourself, life is going to be infinitely easier on you”

“You can have everything in life that you want if you just give enough other people what they want.”

If you have any more that have resonated for you, please share them below.

Latest Article: 3 ways to deal with the approaching fiscal cliff

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Now that the elections have ended, there’s been another hot topic that is on the minds of many Americans…

How do we deal with the approaching fiscal cliff?

How do we deal with the approaching fiscal cliff?

The impending fiscal cliff.

My recent article, “3 ways to deal with the approaching fiscal cliff”, is available in the most recent edition of the Pgh Business Times.

To learn more, please click here.

Taken from the post

In August 2011, Congress passed the Budget Control Act of 2011. As a consequence, a bipartisan legislation was to be produced by late November that would decrease the deficit by $1.2 trillion over the next 10 years. This bipartisan legislation was to be produced by a committee made up of senior and successful leaders from both the parties called the “Supercommittee.” In the event this team of bipartisan leaders failed to arrive on an agreement, on Jan. 3, 2013, a set of very serious economic actions …”

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Finding your passion and success: It’s time to listen

Friday, September 28th, 2012

On finding your passion and success….

“The next question you are likely to ask yourself is: How do we measure success? Success, of course, is very personal; there is no universal way of measuring success. What do successful people like Bill Gates and Mother Teresa have in common? On the surface, it’s hard to find anything they share-;and yet both are successful. I personally believe the real metric of success isn’t the size of your bank account. It’s the number of lives in which you might be able to make a positive difference. This is the measure of success we need to apply while we are on our journey to success.” –Naveen Jain (source)

Bill Gates

On our road to pursuing our passion, finding meaning, and making an impact,
the notion of success often appears.

The question becomes:

1. How do we measure success?
2. What are the characteristics of successful people?

As I study the path of many great people, a unique pattern pattern will
often emerge.  Similar characteristics will surface, and within them, a
framework can be found.

Note: Like the quote mentioned above, success can be measure in multiple
ways. It’s important for you to understand what success means to you

With many moments in our life, we often *chase* after success, but often the most profound thing we can do is to open ourselves to ideas. If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s about listening to ideas from your audience, market, employees, client, and your own heart.

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Remembering Neil Armstrong & your Great Adventure

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Are you looking to take on your own great adventure?

Does your “moon” seem to be impossible to reach?

neil armstrong

In remembrance of Neil Armstrong,  I would like to take a moment a reflect on his contribution not only in terms of space navigation, but also the inspiration and motivation he gave to an entire generation (and will continue to give for generations to come).

Upon examining his biography, you can see what an unusual history this remarkable man had. Surprisingly, as a child, Neil was prone to motion sickness, and frequently had nausea during long periods of aerobatics! Even though to many, this would have been the final wall they hit, Armstrong continued to pursue a career as a test pilot, and later as the first man to ever walk on the moon.

His heroic path is one to not only admire, but to emulate. His career had been one about pushing both personal and environmental limitations. It is with no surprise that Neil Armstrong would have displayed characteristics that were in such alignment with his Junoon. His energy, his desire to achieve, his ability to engineer his own luck , was able to prompt him into greatness and stand as the cornerstone of heroism, courage, and bravery.

While many are not looking to take a flight to the moon, how often do our goals appear “out of reach”? We often look at these as if they were the moon, seemingly unobtainable to reach.

But when we look at the great success stories, we begin to see a trend of ordinary people propelling themselves to greatness.  Their start was much like, if not the same, as yours. Neil Armstrong had motion sickness as a child- but he was able to overcome it and reach the historic moon landing.  We each have our limitations, but if can move beyond our humble beginnings, we too, can achieve remarkable things.

So my question to you is:

What is your “moon landing”?

What is holding you back from getting?

As always, I’ve created free resources to help assist you along the way.

Self-Empowerment : Insights and Overviews

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Do you find yourself struggling to complete the goals you want to accomplish?

Are you losing focus, inspiration, and desire to continue?

Sun shinning

Often, life can be quite difficult. And like many, it can even bring us down a couple of steps. To regain our focus, inspiration, and desire to obtain an achievement lifestyle and engineer our luck is what we strive for.

So, in spite of these difficulties, what brings someone back to triumph, succeed, and find their Junoon?

The scope of this post is to examine the principles behind the first two waves of Junoon, what I call pure inspiration and sixth sight.

As I discussed in my previous talk, using the waves of Junoon and engineering your luck can provide self-empowerment. The realization comes when you realize that you hold the key to unlocking your greatest potential.

In my book Driven, I talk about 6 waves of moving through Junoon, and how this would enable you to unlock your potential.

This potential creates the ability to increase self empowerment, and take control of your dreams. With that, let’s discuss the first two waves of Junoon in relation to accomplishing your goals.

First wave: Pure Inspiration

I mentioned in my free guide , pure inspiration bypasses any “aha” moment. This inspiration is driven from your core, and when it ignites, you took ahold of the energy and begin finding you Junoon. A key caveat is that you have to be open, and be listening, in order to receive pure inspiration.

Think of an individual has who has changed the world. Many of them had it within themselves the mission they must do, without completely understanding why. This pure inspiration can be found in all walks of life, but many of us can miss it because we aren’t listening.

Second wave: sixth sight

The second wave is sixth sight, which coveys your entire plan. Many times we’re stuck on a problem, or faced with a dilemma that we cannot surpass. Often as we move through the first wave, our pure inspiration helps carry into seeing the entire plan. With the sight of the plan, we begin to deconstruct our mission and give it its much needed legs (the practical plan). Additionally, we write, read, and talk about our mission with so much focus that our vision starts too crystalized (which occurs as we move into the next wave).

Think of a time when you were in a state of Junoon, and with it came a sense of security and purpose. Your mission, which was drawn from pure inspiration, took ahold of you, and its vision crystalized.  When you’re in a state of Junoon, sixth sight is not only a welcomed friend but a much needed element in accomplishing your dream.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can find your own state of Junoon, you can download a free chapter of the Driven Book here , or download a free workbook here.

Engineering Luck & Achievement in Life

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Are you a person who is worried with their level of achievement in life?

Are you looking for ways to “engineer” and “hack” luck, so that you may unlock your greatest potential?


Sometimes, especially on off days, we look around at all the “lucky” people in the world- those who seemingly have it all and have achievement in life.

But what’s going on?. What are these “lucky” people doing to give themselves a head start?

In all the research that went into the Driven Book, and through many personal experiences, I’ve seen, and been able to assist, people “engineer luck”.

In my recent TEDxCMU talk , I told a story of a young man named Michael.

Like many, Michael was graduating soon and was about to enter a very competitive market. Despite submitting his resume over and over again, he seemed to have hit a rut…

No one was responding to his emails.

While most would complain about their “lack of luck”, Michael approached me and asked if I could help him achieve his dream job.

Of course, I was happy to assist, but ultimately, I wasn’t sure if I could get him his dream job. But what I could do was help Michael position himself in a way that made him attractive to the job market. Once there, I would leave it up to Michael’s Junoon to bring about the last needed element of serendipity.

Thankfully, through Michael’s focus in bringing his best foot forward, and our relentless examination of opportunities, we were able to achieve a state of Junoon that pushed Michael into a space where he was able to excel.

If you want the details of the story, you can watch my TEDx video here:

The point of the story really drives home the concept that you CAN Engineer your own luck

Through both personal experiences and countless case studies, luck is something that doesn’t have to elusive or for “other people”

You have the power to create a life you always wanted to lead.

To learn more, you can visit ,

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Find Your Junoon in 2012!

Saturday, December 31st, 2011
How will you use your Junoon in 2012?

How will you use your Junoon in 2012?

Do you promise to make radical changes every year, but fall short?

Do you create your resolutions, only to forget them or worse, give up on them?

With the end of 2011 coming near, we begin to review our year and take account of all the success and failures we’ve had throughout the year.

Undoubtedly, many things have happened in our lives, and we look towards 2012 as a year of continual growth and contribution.

But often, as with many resolutions, we fall short of our own expectations. Sometimes we demand too much of ourselves, but more often we lose focus and energy on a given project.

I know the challenge of launching a new project. In fact, I’m going through one right now.

I recently co-founded and launched a business called 113 Industries. The mission behind the company is to utilize Open Innovation to help companies solve their most pressing research and development issues.

Launching this business has been an extremely challenging, and very rewarding journey.  With each step of the process, my own Junoon has invigorated me to press through and tackle the multiple obstacles that all founders face.

My point is…

The challenges will always exist.

There will always be reasons for not doing something

There will always be the easier route

But these actions rarely ignite your Junoon

If you’re interested in learning more about finding your Junoon, download the my workbook that will help you find you Junoon.

If you enjoyed this article, feel free to pass it along to your friends and family.

Achievement In Life : 4 Examples of Junoon

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Do you sit in awe of the great achievers, trying to learn what they did right?

Are you waiting for the perfect time to launch into your goals?

Are you ready to take the jump and find Achievement in Life?

Are you ready to take the jump and find Achievement in Life?

I’ve had the privilege of interviewing fellow Achievement Lifestyle enthusiasts about how they create and obtain goals. Achievement in life is something many strive for, but we fail to make the crucial connection that will leads us to the next step. I want to explore this concept through the collective wisdom of the people.

Awareness: Don’t let your PIG and APE stop you from achieving your goals

This interview, with Krishna Pendyala, focused on being aware that your PIG (Pursuing Instant Gratification) and your APE (Avoiding Painful Experiences). The key is to remain aware that these forces are in your life, and resist the temptation for them to direct you or your goals.

Junoon takeaway: Getting into Fanatic Focus This wave transcends ordinary concentration. You could say that you are bewitched by it. You live in it and through it, and absolutely nothing distracts you from it. Don’t let your PIG or APE stop you from achieving your focus.

Building: Deconstructing Your Passion

Danielle built Tupelo Honey Tea from the ground up. She also was able to raise a family while building the business! What Danielle tapped into was “metaphysical energy”.  One way she was able to achieve such a level of energy was to first deconstruct what she wanted to start. Her formula was Find something you love + you’re good at + contribution = Time to launch.

Junoon Takeaway: Metaphysical energy, a phase that engenders energy in you beyond your wildest imagination. You’re up and running at the crack of dawn, and you don’t fall asleep until the early hours of the morning.

Growing: Build a community that carries you higher

When Raheel went on his amazing quest to lose weight (he ended up losing over 150 lbs), he had trouble finding the motivation to keep going. The quest was long, the hours were intense, and his energy was running low. Luckily, Raheel was able to focus and grow a social environment that was able to motivate him to keep going. Sometimes the road will be long, hard, and even lonely, but when we have a positive community behind us, the journey not only becomes about your goal but also an exploration into the power of your community.

Junoon Takeaway: sixth sight. This wave takes you deeper into Junoon; and no, it is not what you call “visualization” in which you see only an end result. Sixth Sight conveys your entire plan; you feel the textures, smell the smells, and taste the tastes related to your goal. You see what you need to do, how you need to do it, and why you need to do it.

Research: Study and learn what the world wants and needs

Dave Nelsen knows social media.  A social media pioneer, Dave founded TalkShoe, a podcasting platform. But what makes Dave successful is his ability to identify the needs of a community. He develops a strategy, knows how to focus, and execute in a way the delivers value to its members.

Junoon Takeaway: Social Junoon. It moves out of from you like a web of attraction as you communicate your vision to likeminded people who can’t help falling in love with it. Before this, Junoon centered within you as an individual; now it moves through you and beyond you to carry your inspiration to engage others’ hearts and minds.

Take a moment and reflect on one of the perspectives above. What’s stopping you from finding your achievement lifestyle?

If you want more information on the concepts above, I’ve created a free Junoon Workbook. Click here to view it


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