Lance Armstrong: A Cautionary Tale of When Junoon Goes Bad

Have you seen driven individuals fall at their own ambitions?

Do you wonder how your own Junoon can be both good and bad?


As many recently witnessed, superstar athlete Lance Armstrong recently admitted to taking illegal drugs to enhance performance (source).  What was once hailed as successful, driven and focused individual has now turned into a story of what can happen if we go down the road of “by any means necessary”.

While Armstrong had the elements of all the stages of Junoon (most notable the last one, Social Junoon, and his work with Livestrong), his endearing commitment to success has come at a tragic cost.

While Junoon propels individuals to fulfill their greatest potential, it can also derail, and cause us to lose sight of what being an example and leader can be. We must remember that as we move through the stages of Junoon, our path will be viewed as either an example of success or a cautionary tale for those who follow. Remember that regardless of what you decide to pursue, do so in a way that doesn’t jeopardize your values, your character, and those who are closest to you.

As we continue through 2013, reflect on your own mission, and what kind of trail you’re creating.  Tapping into your Junoon is a wonderful experience, one which will help you make a monumental impact on the world. But as you do so, remember to reflect on your actions and legacy.

To Finding Your Junoon-


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