When Tragedy Strikes, What do we Become? Reflections on Sandy Hook

Last week, tragedy struck this great nation when innocent children and adults were gunned down at an elementary school in Connecticut.  Among all the chaos, a nation paused and mourned the tragic loss of 28 people – whose lives will be ingrained in the fabric of our society for a long time to come.


Remembering Sandy Hook

Amongst great tragedies, there is often no words that can fully console those had experienced great loss- their life now is about remembering, rebuilding, and regaining the courage to have hope in the world. It is my sincere wish that, as a country, we can come together to provide the strength, support, and relief to assist in the rebuilding of a community.  Whether it is lending an ear, arm, or an open heart, our nation is once again asked to support one another.  Together we can learn to support a society that continues to move towards peace.

With the great loss of these 28 people comes a reflection on the year, on all the obstacles that were presented, and how we dealt them. I’m reminded of Google’s Zeitgeist project (link), which highlights the biggest events from around the world in 2012. It’s a beautiful video of all that we’ve been able to overcome and as a result, come together. It’s a reminder of the human spirit, for as sudden as it can go away, can overcome so much pain.

For those who experienced loss and are grieving- I wish you all the strength, guidance, and support.

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