Finding your passion and success: It’s time to listen

On finding your passion and success….

“The next question you are likely to ask yourself is: How do we measure success? Success, of course, is very personal; there is no universal way of measuring success. What do successful people like Bill Gates and Mother Teresa have in common? On the surface, it’s hard to find anything they share-;and yet both are successful. I personally believe the real metric of success isn’t the size of your bank account. It’s the number of lives in which you might be able to make a positive difference. This is the measure of success we need to apply while we are on our journey to success.” –Naveen Jain (source)

Bill Gates

On our road to pursuing our passion, finding meaning, and making an impact,
the notion of success often appears.

The question becomes:

1. How do we measure success?
2. What are the characteristics of successful people?

As I study the path of many great people, a unique pattern pattern will
often emerge.  Similar characteristics will surface, and within them, a
framework can be found.

Note: Like the quote mentioned above, success can be measure in multiple
ways. It’s important for you to understand what success means to you

With many moments in our life, we often *chase* after success, but often the most profound thing we can do is to open ourselves to ideas. If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s about listening to ideas from your audience, market, employees, client, and your own heart.

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