Remembering Neil Armstrong & your Great Adventure

Are you looking to take on your own great adventure?

Does your “moon” seem to be impossible to reach?

neil armstrong

In remembrance of Neil Armstrong,  I would like to take a moment a reflect on his contribution not only in terms of space navigation, but also the inspiration and motivation he gave to an entire generation (and will continue to give for generations to come).

Upon examining his biography, you can see what an unusual history this remarkable man had. Surprisingly, as a child, Neil was prone to motion sickness, and frequently had nausea during long periods of aerobatics! Even though to many, this would have been the final wall they hit, Armstrong continued to pursue a career as a test pilot, and later as the first man to ever walk on the moon.

His heroic path is one to not only admire, but to emulate. His career had been one about pushing both personal and environmental limitations. It is with no surprise that Neil Armstrong would have displayed characteristics that were in such alignment with his Junoon. His energy, his desire to achieve, his ability to engineer his own luck , was able to prompt him into greatness and stand as the cornerstone of heroism, courage, and bravery.

While many are not looking to take a flight to the moon, how often do our goals appear “out of reach”? We often look at these as if they were the moon, seemingly unobtainable to reach.

But when we look at the great success stories, we begin to see a trend of ordinary people propelling themselves to greatness.  Their start was much like, if not the same, as yours. Neil Armstrong had motion sickness as a child- but he was able to overcome it and reach the historic moon landing.  We each have our limitations, but if can move beyond our humble beginnings, we too, can achieve remarkable things.

So my question to you is:

What is your “moon landing”?

What is holding you back from getting?

As always, I’ve created free resources to help assist you along the way.

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