Standing at the Wall of Fire: Confronting your Challenge

Ten years ago, tragedy struck this nation.  The lives taken on 9/11/01, and the ones that followed, stand as examples of heroism, strength, and courage.   Before I continue, I want everyone to take a moment and reflect on those who gave so much, and ask for nothing in return.


These heroes are not “magical” people, they possessed no super human capabilities, and they required little or no additional drive to help them become everyday heroes. While there are many people involved in the recovery and growth from 9/11, I would like to take a moment and remember the firefighters who stood at ground zero on that fateful day. They did not question their calling, they did not wait, and they did not stand back. They were at the front lines, risking their life, while asking for nothing in return. At the moment of tragedy, they gave their lives in order to help secure of the future of their fellow citizens. These acts helped lift us up as a nation, at a time when we were at our lowest point.

While we have made enormous progress and recovery since in 9/11, many firefighters still suffer from the selfless acts they performed on that fateful day. The toxins released by the towers were taken in by the first responders, which gave rise to cancerous cells in their body. The fight and commitment they made on 9/11 now carries on through a series of doctor visits, surgeries, and strenuous post operation recoveries. Even though we have many brave citizens around the world, helping protect and secure this great nation, we must also remember those who are still suffering from the poison they ingested on 9/11. They now fight every day, knowing that their body is going through the turmoil of trying to fight one of humankind’s deadliest diseases.

Let’s always remember that these ordinary citizens were able to achieve extraordinary feats of human potential through their service. As a way to honor their courage and outstanding accomplishments, I would like to challenge you to do two things:

Contact (visit, call, email) someone you know who was directly affected by 9/11. Remind them that they are not alone in their recovery, and that the courageous acts taken by those they loved will always be appreciated, honored, remembered

Think about how you can achieve your greatest potential. Discuss ways you can contribute and make an impact to you, your family, your community, and the world.  During this day of remembrance, let us also think about ways you can help build a brighter future.

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